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Different sheet music uses different software to display the music. You can download free software to view the sheet music here

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10 Reasons Why We Love

1. We don't have to crawl around the web for hours searching through all those really badly designed websites to find free sheet music. Free sheets from everywhere can be found in one place. A breath of fresh air!

2. We have multiple choices of sheet music for the same song! There are easier versions, harder versions, higher quality versions and all of them are free.

3. Free Sheet Music does not insist that we all have to install annoying adware software for us to retrieve the free sheet music! My computer does not get destroyed.

4. When other websites claim to have free sheet music, the first page of a song really doesn't count! We need the whole song. Free Sheet Music has the WHOLE song for free, finally.

5. The Choice! It doesn't just have one type of music. Free Sheet Music has popular/modern music, classical music, music from the movies and musicals, music from cartoons and from the TV too.

6. The website is so clear to understand, no clutter like all the other ones. The links are nice and big at the top. Simple.

7. One of the best qualities of Free Sheet Music is that it is always up to date. Unlike other websites that all have the same old songs from the 90s this website has music from the current charts (as well as all those classics!).

8. All of that strange music viewing software that we all have to download gets quite annoying after a while. Free Sheet Music has most of the sheet music in quick and easy to download and print PDF formats.

9. The choices are always increasing at Free Sheet Music New categories of free sheet music are always being added!

10. Did I mention it is 100 % free!
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